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’24 years old, from the mountains north of Florence (Firenzuola) which I consider my home, even if I like to be citizen of the world and traveling everywhere; but that's what makes you appreciate your homeland even more. I love it because of the deep contact with nature and the possibility to isolate yourself, to recover from big travelling and enjoy food. It's when you realise that you were born there and you belong to that place; together with musician life of travelling, meeting people and discovering new cultures, it's the ideal life I have in mind.‘


’Probably I never really choose to be a musician, it turned out like that pretty naturally while I was studying engineering and at the same time I started some drum lessons in Siena Jazz. Probably the Umbria Jazz Clinics I did in summer 2014 played an important role in my choice, because it was my really first time in a big music situation (big festival, concerts everywhere); a light turned on in my mind during those 2 weeks, like a hint. Then, probably most important thing, I got lot of energy speaking with people in my similar situation, people that have a need of express themselves with music, to say something while playing. You don't need words to do it, your body and your breath while playing will speak for you ( good suggestion for coy people like me :) )‘ 


☁️ Wenn du deine eigene Sprache der Kunst sprichst (auch wenn das etwas pathetisch und geschwollen klingt) kann es niemanden geben, der so klingt wie du. Wenn du dich und dein Innerstes komplett in den Prozess entlädst und dich dem „Akt“ unverfälscht hingibst, wird das etwas hervorbringen, was sich mit nichts bisher Dagewesene vergleichen lässt.


‘And I have often in mind something that my drums teacher in Siena told me, that's more specific for musicians...‘sound is not really something that you study and practice, it's something you're constantly searching for while playing‘‘


☁️ Ich denke, dass alles im Prozess entsteht, im Weg wenn wir ihn nach und nach hinter uns lassen. Wenn wir in Aufmerksamkeit und Passion leben und öfter in uns hinein fühlen anstatt zu schauen, was andere machen. Es ist alles in uns. Alles was wir fühlen kann in eine individuelle künstlerische Form gebracht werden, wenn wir uns nur trauen dieses Gefühl nach außen zu tragen.

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